Welcome to the Department of English Literature & Culture!

Are you passionate about the beauty of English literature? Or do you want to explore the structure, function, and learning process of the English language? Here, at the Department of English Literature & Culture, we offer both literature and linguistics courses at the undergraduate level. Our goal is to offer a Bachelor's program that brings together English literature and the scientific study of languages.

The Department of English Literature and Culture aims to inspire students to learn English and to appreciate its culture. The major goal of this department is to teach students how to use the English language and to improve their intellectual and interpersonal skills. The course is meant to help students improve their critical thinking and analytical abilities. Overall, we want to help students advance their professions and learn 21st-century skills.

Degree to be offered:

Degree to be offered: Bachelor of Arts in English.


The undergraduate curriculum of Department of English Literature & Culture is based on course system. The salient features of course system are:

  • Provision for continuous evaluation of students’ performance through attendance, class test, presentation etc.
  • Evaluation of the performance of course/courses by using Letter Grades and Grade Points.
  • Students who complete a major in English literature will be able to- Appreciate and enjoy literature.
    • Train learners in creative writing.
    • Develop critical and analytical skill in the learners.
    • Enable the learners to write academic essay, assignments, research paper  and thesis.
    • Trace the origin and development of English language.
    •  Conduct research in accordance with prescribed guidelines.
    •  Analyze and evaluate literary works on the basis of critical theories

Degree Requirements:

The BA in English degree requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of 40 courses (120 credit hours).
  • The Bachelor of Arts in English program consists of - General courses (10 courses × 3 Credit Hours each) 30 Credit Hours. English core Courses (30 courses × 3 Credit Hours each) 90 Credit Hours.
  • A total of 120 credit hours are required for the completion of Bachelor of Arts in English program. A minimum of “2.50” or higher CGPA is required to obtain the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in English.