Sajia Afrin

MPH (Epidemiology), BSc (PHS), Professional Course (PH&HS) (University of People)(Ongoing),Faculty and Freelance Researcher, Department of Public Health



Sajia Afrin is currently working as full-time faculty of Department of Public Health at University of South Asia, Dhaka Bangladesh. Besides, she is also a dedicated faculty member of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science and Department of Public Health Ophthalmology at the same university. She is also playing the role as thesis supervisor for prospective students. Currently, besides her job she is pursuing a year-long professional certificate course on Public Health and Health Sciences at University of the People (UoPeople). University of People is an American- accredited online university dedicated to opening access to higher education globally. Previously, she held her job at Save the Children at two departments (ICT and Sponsorship) on a contractual basis. During her work at Save the Children, she was involved in “Suchana” and “Child Sponsorship” projects with a particular focus on child poverty and education. She has completed her Masters of Public Health (American International University Bangladesh) and Bachelors of Science in Public Health Studies (Asian University for Women). Her research interests include maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, CDs and NCDs, environment and public health, preventive dentistry, parenting, autism and child disability.

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