Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year professional undergraduate program. Its primary emphasis is on developing the knowledge and skills of students so that they can undertake the responsibility of being young executives. The program is also helpful to those who plan an executive career in government, semi-government and social sector organizations. The focus of the BBA program is on the complete grooming of a student’s personality by providing a balanced study in the field of business and general education at the undergraduate level. The purpose is to develop executives with a strong background in the management disciplines. The breadth of faculty expertise is evident from the many courses offered on varied topics: Accounting, statistics, Economics, Marketing, Management, Organizational Behavior, Business communication, Mathematics, Computing, Business Law. Finance. Banking, Human Resources Management and Management Information System.

Degree to be offered

a) Bachelor of Business Administration (Major in Finance)
b) Bachelor of Business Administration (Major in Marketing)
c) Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
d) Any other degree may be offered by a department on the approval of the Syndicate and UGC.


The curriculum in Business Administration provides a solid foundation in both quantitative techniques and management theory. Taking the behavioral science/human relations’ point of view, the program recognizes that sound practice requires sound theory. The case method is often used to illustrate theory in practice. Ethics and a global business orientation are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

The forty courses and internship are structured into four groups consisting 126 credits:

General Education:  07 Courses (21 credit hours)
Core:  26 Courses (78 credit hours)
Specialization:  07 Courses (21 credit hours)
Internship/Project:  (06 credits hours)

A student must complete all the 11 general education and 26 core courses offered by the program. He/She is required to concentrate in any one of the five major areas, as mentioned bellow, by doing four courses in an area. In addition,students’ completion of the internship program with at least a 'C' grade

Degree Requirements:

The BBA degree requirements are as follow:

  • Completion of 40 courses (120 credit hours)
  • Completion of the internship program with at least a 'C' grade (6 credit hours).
  • Passing the Comprehensive examination with a minimum required grade of 'C'.