Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering program aims to provide the skills of necessary for modern-day business and industry to assist in managing increasingly complex technical problems. BCSE is designed to allow students to specialize in computer hardware; it includes many courses in computer software and all programming language. To complete the B. Sc. in CSE program at University of South Asia, normally takes four academic years (i.e.12 Semesters). Each academic year is divided into 3 Semesters (Spring Semester: January-April, Summer Semester: May –August, Fall Semester: September-December. There shall be Mid-term Examination after conducting 6 weeks classes. After Mid-term examination and conducting of 8 Weeks classes. Final examination will be held at the end of each semester. In order to graduate, total 149 credit hours to be undertaken and completed by a student during 12 semesters.


You will cover a rotating combination of:

  • Basic Science Courses
  • General Education Department and Language Courses
  • Business Courses
  • Mathematics Courses
  • Core Computer Science Courses
  • Other Engineering Courses
  • Optional Expertise Courses

What careers can I go on to?

Booming Computer Engineering sectors in Bangladesh has plenty of jobs for fresh computer science graduates. Computer Engineers have plenty of options to work in IT and non-IT companies in departments such as design, development, assembly, manufacture and maintenance, etc.


Best Aspects of CSE Department:

  • Offer BSc. in Computer Science Engineering Degree at the lowest cost among the all reputed private universities in Bangladesh.
  • Provide a good number of scholarships for meritorious student.
  • Offer well developed lab facilities.
  • Arrange extra-curricular activities for student through clubbing.
  • Objective for addressing all forms of students including sluggish and passive learners.
  • Provide consulting hour to solve any academic problem for student.
  • Regularly arrange Seminar and workshop on different topics to reduce industrial and academia gap.
  • A strong alumni network working in different sector (Govt. and Semi govt. institution)
  • Strong IEEE student branch activities.
  • Regular reunion of Alumni Association.

Academics activities and competition:

  • Project Showcasing in South Asia Day 2020
  • Idea fair between departments.
  • Inter department Robotics competition
  • Inter department Programming competition.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • Participated in different National Debate Competition and became Champion and 2nd Runner-up.
  • Participation in Faraaz Gold Cup 2019
  • Engagement in different sport tournament.
  • M.A. Matin memorial Intra department cricket tournament.
  • CSE Departmental annual picnic.

Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology

In keeping with the development, growth and diversification within the computer field, the baccalaureate program in computer science addresses the two major areas existing today: the computer science and the information Technology concentration, A graduate with a baccalaureate degree in computer science and information Technology will be well prepared to undertake any graduate program leading to a master’s or doctoral degree in computer science , as well as programs in operations research, Applied operations research, Applied mathematics and statistics. Graduates with degree in Computer Science and Information Technology are among the most sought after by all segments of the economy. Not only in the hob market bright for Computer science graduates, but the level of the income for those entering the field is among the highest of all college graduates.