About Department

Department of Environmental Science is a leading department under the Faculty of Public Health and Life Science at University of South Asia, Bangladesh from 2012. A graduate with a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science will be well prepared to undertake any graduate program leading to a master's or doctoral degree on concerning Environmental issues. Our graduates are among the most sought after by all segments of the economy. The unique juxtaposition of several sciences in one department fosters cooperation and exchange among traditional disciplines that share similar methodological and philosophical problems.The course work, teaching, learning and research practices endeavors of both faculties and graduates, whether disciplinary or interdisciplinary, deal largely with problems of fundamental scientific interest and to a lesser extent with applied science, management or policy making towards sustainable development. Department has three basic laboratories that focused on Environmental Chemistry and Pollution, Environmental Biology, Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing (RS) and geographical Information System. Does offers a professional environmental education program of international standard, trains students in the skills necessary to pursue careers in the development and environmental fields and fulfills the rising demand of national and international arena for high quality professionals. The job market is very bright for graduates due to the consciousness development at the all level locally as well as internationally. To achieve excellence in environmental leader ship, the main goal of functional entities of the Does essentially centers on teamwork of environmental studies with a holistic approach considering human dimension as a significant factor.

Goal: Leadership Building to 'Save Environment' for 'Sustainability and Safety of Earth'.

Why Study on Environment?

Environmental science graduates are well prepared for diverse careers at home and abroad. Students get opportunities to work as an entrepreneur or for the government, the vast NGO sector, policy think-tanks, non-profit agencies, donor organizations, industries and banks. Graduates also embark on future study to choose a particular career path e.g. teaching, management or research.


Program Overview

Bachelor of Environmental Science (BES Program) leading to the Degree of B.Sc. (Honours) in Environmental Science will extend over a period of four academic years. The program will consist of 145 credits and will be divided into twelve semesters. Out of 145 credits, 37 credits in 1st Year, 42 credits in 2nd Year, 36 credits in 3rd Year and 30 credits in 4th Year. This program will constitute of 40 theoretical courses, 19 sessional/fieldworks/laboratory analysis/practical courses and 01 Thesis with defense in last semester. Of the total marks in a particular theory course 70% will be from the written examination and 10% from tutorials, 10% from assignments and rest 10% from class attendants throughout the course. For the sessional/fieldworks/laboratory analysis/practical course 70% will be from a written examination and 20% from assessment of the fieldwork reports/ laboratory analysis reports and 10% from class attendants of the course.

Program Strength:

  • Up-to-date Academic Curriculum
  • Faulty members having highly experiences in research and educations.
  • Collaboration with faculty, research institutes and professional bodies.
  • Laboratory facilities (Chemistry, Physics, GIS-RS Labs) for Environmental Analysis.
  • An excellent library with rich departmental resource center.
  • Learning practical knowledge through well equipped instruments and software.
  • Frequent field trips and excursion to the places of environmentally significance.
  • Internship Opportunities in reputed environmental organizations.
  • Opportunities for Skills development on Research writing and publication.
  • Organize the seminars, workshops and training on environmental issues/sectors.
  • Job placement facilities in different environmental/ Development sectors
  • Strong Alumnae Networks
  • Opportunities for club activities