Message from Head

Greetings and welcome in Department of Environmental Science!

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Environmental Science (BES Program) at University of South Asia. The Department of Environmental Science was started its journey from 2012. I am highly pleased to convey all of you that the world is becoming more crowded, more consuming, and more connected. Growing populations and higher standards of living put increasing pressure on our environment. Environmental problems are just as real, just as controversial, and just as in need of intelligent solutions. The natural world is complex and human activity can have unexpected consequences that are hard to reverse. The study of how physical and biological processes maintain life, and how humans affect nature, requires a broad interdisciplinary perspective. Environmental problems and their associated solutions typically involve social, political and economic aspects which all the humans must aware of it. Our department makes collaboration with some government and nongovernment organizations in teaching and research. Frequently we arrange some practical oriented learning like environment and its problem related seminar and workshop as well as field visit with questionnaire survey and also study tour for the students so that they can get practical knowledge besides the theory.