Admission going on for Spring 2023 semester. Our programs: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Culture | Bachelor of Business Administration | Master of Business Administration | Master of Bank Management | Executive Master of Business Administration | Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering | Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering | Bachelor of Computer Science & Information Technology | Master of Computer Science | Master of Computer Application | Bachelor of Environmental Science | Master of Public Health | Master of Public Health ophthalmology | Master of Nutrition & Food Science | Diploma of Optometry & Low Vision . For details please contact - 01763-030636, 01686-265125, 01966-459818

About The University


University of South Asia is the University for Generation Bangladesh who aspires for an inclusive Bangladesh. It's the only university that connects all the dots and let your network that you build here take care of your career.

For its outstanding central location in heart of the city Banani, Dhaka, the University attracts students and staff from a variety of backgrounds by its reputation and commitment to innovation and excellence in all areas of activities. The campus offers idyllic environment for an academic institution.

We seek to groom the Role Models of The Generation Bangladesh equipped with 4 Cs (Community, Communication, Connectivity , and Career) across a wide range of IT, Textile, Business, Social and Public Organizations by facilitating:

Engagement with the community. Connectivity with larger networks. Communication with key stake holders. Career that transforms and transcends the LIMITS of both the individuals and his/her context.