Admission going on for Summer 2024 semester. Our programs: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Culture | Bachelor of Business Administration | Master of Business Administration | Master of Bank Management | Executive Master of Business Administration | Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering | Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering | Bachelor of Computer Science & Information Technology | Master of Computer Science | Master of Computer Application | Bachelor of Environmental Science | Master of Public Health | Master of Public Health ophthalmology | Master of Nutrition & Food Science | Diploma of Optometry & Low Vision . For details please contact - 01763-030636, 01686-265125, 01966-459818



University of South Asia assist cognitive and effective student learning to develop knowledge, skills and communication ability together with a commitment to lifelong learning for enhancement of students' opportunities for career success, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities. University of South Asia expand the scope of local human resources by improving them as world standard through teaching and explore the employment market to meet the expanding demand for skilled professionals.



To improve the human resources by educating them state of art standard through teaching according to the industry requirement and to achieve undisputed leadership in the education field.



1. University of South Asia provide a specialized and high quality comprehensive education as preparation for study or future employment in positions of responsibility across a worldwide range of IT, Business, Social and Public Organizations.

2. To establish and run the University to provide world class standard education in Bangladesh and develop our graduates up to International standard through getting accreditation of internationally recognized accreditation bodies.

3. To use traditional and modern instructional techniques and technology to the best advantage so as to enhance and enrich student’s achievements of their educational and career goals as well as socioeconomic development of the country.

4. To establish joint degree programs & credit transfer programs with USA, UK, Australian& Canadian universities to facilitate quality education.

5. To create a congenial academic environment for the youth this will be free from political and other disturbances for their intellectual advancements.

6. To improve the quality, talent and skills of individuals to help students lead a successful life as professional and responsible citizens.

7. To use high technology information system in all phases of academic as well as administrative aspects of the University programs.